Raspberry Harvester

Vertical Harvester

The harvesting height can be adjusted for a variety of picking circumstances, by adjusting the vertical position of the arm, the picking can be done no matter how tall or low the crops are.

Horizontal Harvesting

An autonomous mobile platform developed to navigate in multiple farming environments and designed to be deployed through rows of crops for picking without human supervision.

Advanced AI developed in-house allows the robot to detect the ripeness of soft fruits and vegetables, while the modular soft robotic arms can operate adapting to any crop configuration.

Cauliflower Harvester

Meet the Team

Martin Stoelen

Founder, Director and CSO

Dr Martin Stoelen is the academic Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Fieldwork Robotics Ltd. The company was setup in 2016 based on his research on robust and selective robotic systems for harvesting in horticulture. He has an academic position with the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, which collaborates closely with the company, and where he helps lead an advanced robotics laboratory. He has extensive experience in RD&I from the US, Spain, UK and Norway, and has secured significant grant and private funding for his work. He has multiple engineering degrees across aerospace, electronics and robotics, and lectures at Bachelor, Master and PhD level robotics engineering. He is a former Fulbright Scholarship recipient, and a Marie Curie Fellow.

Rui Andres

Director and CEO

Rui has a background on electrotechnical engineering, specialised in energy and robotics. Rui has spent part of his career on asset management, finance and management and supported Martin Stoelen to spin-off the company in October 2016 and has been working with Martin on growing the company since then.

Andrea Perticati


Andrea Perticati, Chief Technology Officer is responsible for overseeing product development, setting up manufacturing and logistic strategy, as well as  supply chains and quality control. With Electrical and Mechanical engineering academic background, he brings in a wide range of experience from the automotive industry having worked for Tier 1 supplier as well as main OEMs (Iveco, Caterpillar and Ducati, amongst others) in key Design and Application Engineering roles, as well as senior Program Management positions, responsible for bringing products from prototype to high volume mass manufacture.

Ignacio Requena

Project Manager

With the background of a computer scientist, Ignacio started his journey as a software developer for several start-ups. He successfully supported FWR in the technical development of the early stages of its first prototype. Thanks to this experience, he has successfully managed several key projects and now oversees all the company’s projects and sub-projects.


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Fieldworks Robotics Limited is supported by EIT Food, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


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